Diamond Republic by Diamond Party

Diamond Party is an enlighten political party founded by Dzogchen Khok Khar Khin Rinpoche with the vision to establish the Diamond Republic in South East Asia comprised of 13 Malaysian States and the city-state of Singapore with a name called the Nanyang Republic / The Republic of South China.

Diamond Party’s name is inspired by Diamond Sutra, a recorded discourse of Q&A session between Gautama Buddha and Subuthi where Buddha taught his students how to pierce through all illusions in layman world and in our mind to discover the natural self-perfected nature of people, things and events.
Diamond Party membership will be comprised of full members and associate members.

Diamond Party full membership can only be obtained by invitation only, every Malaysian and Singaporean are free to request an invite to Diamond Party by sending your CV to [email protected] with a detailed explanation of what can you contribute towards the establishment of the Republic of South China via your participation in Diamond Party.

Interested Malaysians and Singaporeans who do not receive an invite to be a full member from the Diamond Party central committee are free to join Diamond Party as an observer associate member and participate in facilitating the establishment of the Enlightened Republic of South China. When your participation is observed by the central committee members and you receive the endorsement of at least 3 full members of the Diamond Party, you can become a probational member on a 2-year probationary period, after which you will be accepted as honored as a full Diamond Party member.

Every associate and a full member of Diamond Party are required to disclose their net wealth and income-level to the central committee and contribute a one-off 2% of their net wealth to Diamond Party’s operational funds and also to contribute a sustaining 2% monthly income to Diamond Party as a gesture of commitments towards facilitating an Enlighten Republic of South China.