POLYGLOT by DEFAULT – Why it’s great to be Malaysian Chinese

As a Malaysian Chinese, I’m blessed to be a 5-6 lingual polyglot by default.

My paternal family is Cantonese and my maternal family is Hokkien, I’m raised speaking Hokkien as a Penangite.

Being ethnic Chinese, most of us take the opportunity to pick Chinese educated primary and secondary school. This makes me fluent in 3 Chinese language/dialects by default as a Malaysian Chinese.

Raising in Malaysia also means we are required to pass Malay with credit and the Malay language is definitely one of the easiest languages to learn.

In fact, many movies/tv dramas from Hong Kong TVB are subbed in Malay and there’s where I double learn my Cantonese and Malay (earn two ways).

Then there’s English, Malaysia being a Commonwealth nation, we are also proud to be countries to be most English-speaker friendly in Asia.

That’s how I easily become 5 lingual polyglots with Japanese being the 6th language that I’m still struggle to master like my other lingual.

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