Dear Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (Laman Rasmi) Aduan Unit Officers, My name…


Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (Laman Rasmi) Aduan Unit Officers,

My name is Khok Khar Khin, on behalf of the International Dzogchen Community of Malaysia (Rabyaeling), I would like to report on Sherab Wong Ching Wei’s misuse of VAJRALINK PLT for non-profit purposes and pocketed the entire surplus of money for a non-profit event in 2015 (sum of 5 digits in Ringgit).

On 2015, Choygal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche (Peace be upon him) has visited Malaysia and gave a dharma talk in Wisma Hrih Lotus in September, Sherab Wong Ching Wei was the translator who translated English to Mandarin during that event. He has used VAJRALINK PLT to charge every participant RM300 or 150 USD to attend Rinpoche’s Discourse. Everyone thought the proceeds were for non-profit purposes.

After the event, Rinpoche gave Malaysians permission to start a local chapter and gave us a beautiful name of Rabyaeling (Auspicious Centre), everyone expected Rabyaeling will start smoothly since there’s a big surplus sum of money (5 digits worth of Ringgit Malaysia) from the 2015 visit. Yet, Sherab Wong Ching Wei refuses to give out the proceeds in 2015 and insisted that the money is his translator’s fee. Sherab Wong Ching Wei even attempted to bribe me by offering me a partnership for new entity Dzogchen Malaysia PLT if I follow his instruction and be the compliance officer for this new entity.

As someone working as Chartered Accountants, Of course, I know that is very wrong and I refuse his offer and he since then calling me evil among the Malaysian Buddhist community.

Sherab Wong Chin Wei is also suspected of bringing in a Tibetan refugee from India using Fake Marriage and been trying to spark hatred amongst Malaysians towards Communist China.

On behalf of the International Dzogchen Community, I wish SSM aduan unit would investigate VAJRALINK PLT and gave Dzogchen Community an answer.




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